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Originally Posted by bluesfan94 View Post
Who scored lots and lots of points and also managed to recruit the most highly rated recruit in Mizzou history.
Dave Christensen was the offensive architect to our success, not Yost. I also seriously doubt Gabbert and DGB came to Mizzou because of Yost's recruiting. He might have played a role, but I doubt it was a decisive one.

My main problems were:

1. Run plays were way too predictable.

2. Players were not used to their best abilities. Moe, DGB, and Washington in particular. Too many times Moe and DGB were rotated out and not allowed to get the ball in space and make people miss like they are capable off.

3. There was zero adapting to what was happening. Our offense was way to easy for the opposition to stop.

These were issues that have been affecting the team over the past few seasons. If we promote from within, I doubt the issues will be solved. We need to hire a spread guy from outside, so we can get some new ideas to tweak the system.

Next season we will have Josey and Murphy at running back to go along with DGB, Washington, Lucas, and Hunt at receiver, so we have plenty of weapons. Whether we have a healthy Franklin or an impressive Mauk, we have the potential for a very good offense, especially with the experience that the offensive line gained. I still think the system is in desperate need of some tweaks, as it has been identical for multiple seasons, and by identical, I mean predictable.

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