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Originally Posted by RabbinsDuck View Post
And you are wrong. It's been shown repeatedly Lidstrom and Bourque's scoring ratio is similar at even strength and on the power play, albeit with Bourque simply scoring more altogether.

I may have missed something, but wasn't it pointed out recently Bourque's reliance on the power play for scoring in the playoffs was much higher than Lidstrom's?
Sorry, that's just simply not true and the playoff thing is actually completely the other way around.

Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
(Shared seasons in bold)
79/80 GP-80 P-65 ES-36 PP-27 SH-2 ES/G-0.45(55%) PP/G-0.34(42%)
80/81 GP-67 P-56 ES-31 PP-24 SH-1 ES/G-0.46(55%) PP/G-0.36(43%)
81/82 GP-65 P-66 ES-38 PP-25 SH-3 ES/G-0.58(58%) PP/G-0.38(38%)
82/83 GP-65 P-73 ES-42 PP-29 SH-2 ES/G-0.65(52%) PP/G-0.45(40%)
83/84 GP-78 P-96 ES-53 PP-39 SH-4 ES/G-0.68(55%) PP/G-0.50(41%)
84/85 GP-73 P-86 ES-47 PP-35 SH-4 ES/G-0.64(55%) PP/G-0.48(41%)
85/86 GP-74 P-77 ES-30 PP-44 SH-3 ES/G-0.41(39%) PP/G-0.59(57%)
86/87 GP-78 P-95 ES-59 PP-33 SH-3 ES/G-0.76(62%) PP/G-0.42(35%)
87/88 GP-78 P-81 ES-46 PP-34 SH-1 ES/G-0.59(57%) PP/G-0.44(42%)
88/89 GP-60 P-61 ES-34 PP-27 SH-0 ES/G-0.57(56%) PP/G-0.45(44%)
89/90 GP-76 P-84 ES-37 PP-47 SH-0 ES/G-0.49(44%) PP/G-0.62(56%)
90/91 GP-76 P-94 ES-49 PP-45 SH-0 ES/G-0.65(52%) PP/G-0.59(48%)
91/92 GP-80 P-81 ES-45 PP-35 SH-1 ES/G-0.56(56%) PP/G-0.44(43%)
92/93 GP-78 P-82 ES-36 PP-41 SH-5 ES/G-0.46(44%) PP/G-0.53(50%)
93/94 GP-72 P-91 ES-34 PP-52 SH-5 ES/G-0.47(37%) PP/G-0.72(57%)
94/95 GP-46 P-43 ES-14 PP-29 SH-0 ES/G-0.30(33%) PP/G-0.63(67%)
95/96 GP-82 P-82 ES-42 PP-38 SH-2 ES/G-0.51(51%) PP/G-0.46(46%)
96/97 GP-62 P-50 ES-33 PP-17 SH-6 ES/G-0.53(66%) PP/G-0.27(34%)
97/98 GP-82 P-48 ES-16 PP-30 SH-2 ES/G-0.20(33%) PP/G-0.37(63%)
98/99 GP-81 P-57 ES-16 PP-40 SH-1 ES/G-0.20(28%) PP/G-0.49(70%)
99/00 GP-79 P-52 ES-15 PP-37 SH-0 ES/G-0.19(29%) PP/G-0.47(71%)
00/01 GP-80 P-59 ES-24 PP-33 SH-2 ES/G-0.30(41%) PP/G-0.41(56%)

91/92 GP-80 P-60 ES-28 PP-31 SH-1 ES/G-0.35(47%) PP/G-0.39(52%)
92/93 GP-84 P-41 ES-17 PP-20 SH-4 ES/G-0.20(41%) PP/G-0.24(49%)
93/94 GP-84 P-56 ES-36 PP-18 SH-2 ES/G-0.43(64%) PP/G-0.21(32%)
94/95 GP-43 P-26 ES-15 PP-11 SH-0 ES/G-0.35(58%) PP/G-0.26(42%)
95/96 GP-81 P-67 ES-29 PP-37 SH-1 ES/G-0.36(43%) PP/G-0.46(55%)
96/97 GP-79 P-57 ES-26 PP-30 SH-1 ES/G-0.33(46%) PP/G-0.38(53%)
97/98 GP-80 P-59 ES-23 PP-33 SH-3 ES/G-0.29(39%) PP/G-0.41(56%)
98/99 GP-81 P-57 ES-24 PP-29 SH-4 ES/G-0.30(42%) PP/G-0.36(51%)
99/00 GP-81 P-73 ES-37 PP-31 SH-5 ES/G-0.46(51%) PP/G-0.38(42%)
00/01 GP-82 P-71 ES-27 PP-43 SH-1 ES/G-0.33(38%) PP/G-0.52(61%)

01/02 GP-78 P-59 ES-29 PP-30 SH-0 ES/G-0.37(49%) PP/G-0.38(51%)
02/03 GP-82 P-62 ES-30 PP-30 SH-2 ES/G-0.37(48%) PP/G-0.37(48%)
03/04 GP-81 P-38 ES-14 PP-21 SH-3 ES/G-0.17(37%) PP/G-0.26(55%)
05/06 GP-80 P-80 ES-30 PP-50 SH-0 ES/G-0.38(38%) PP/G-0.63(63%)
06/07 GP-80 P-62 ES-26 PP-33 SH-3 ES/G-0.33(42%) PP/G-0.41(53%)
07/08 GP-76 P-70 ES-35 PP-34 SH-1 ES/G-0.46(50%) PP/G-0.45(49%)
08/09 GP-78 P-59 ES-25 PP-33 SH-1 ES/G-0.32(42%) PP/G-0.42(56%)
09/10 GP-82 P-49 ES-26 PP-20 SH-3 ES/G-0.32(53%) PP/G-0.24(41%)
10/11 GP-82 P-62 ES-22 PP-39 SH-1 ES/G-0.27(35%) PP/G-0.48(63%)
11/12 GP-70 P-34 ES-17 PP-17 SH-0 ES/G-0.24(50%) PP/G-0.24(50%)

Total Reg Season
Bourque ES/G-0.48(48%) PP/G-0.47(48%)
Lidstrom ES/G-0.33(45%) PP/G-0.38(52%)
*Bourque's first 18 years ES/G-0.54(52%) PP/G-0.48(45%)*

Bourque ES/G-0.41(48%) PP/G-0.42(49%)
Lidstrom ES/G-0.25(36%) PP/G-0.42(61%)

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