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Originally Posted by John Holmes View Post
unless is favors Zibanejad...

I have already said I like Zibanejad multiple times in this thread. I am also aware that we can't undraft him and draft Couturier, and we all have to live with the decision that the team made on that day.

I just don't know where all the optimism and hype is coming from, because while I can agree that Zibanejad has tons of raw skill and natural ability, what he doesn't have is "hands" or the ability to bury the puck that some guys (like Stone) just have.

You can't teach hands.

People talk about "tempering expectations" and then project this guy to be a 60 point powerforward in the next breath.

How many players had even 40 points last season?

I also never said that it was impossible for Zibanejad to be the better player in the end. Though the people that confidently rap off those rhymes aren't ever called out around here.

you didn't explicitly say that he wouldn't become better, but you have, in my opinion implied that it's not possible. i will say again i haven't formed an opinion on who will be better, and i'm not saying it's wrong to do so. from what i remember seeing (i do have a bad memory), people that have lofty expectations, are most likely projecting max potential, and are willing to concede that they could be wrong. you're confident in your opinion and you have seen both players play. you have a reason you think you're right to, one that has been observed. you do concede that zibby has "natural ability" and "raw skill", but you are giving the impression off that it's impossible for him to be a better player. if you'd say say you could be wrong, i might have not "called you out", but someone that seems so sure of, as i have said earlier, something based on unpredictable variables in my mind is asking to be challenged.
i could be reading you wrong, as i'm a new poster. i have lurked for a while and read some of your posts, so i have some idea of how you express yourself, but if i'm off base, feel free to correct me.

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