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12-04-2012, 10:16 PM
Attitude problems
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Originally Posted by beauchamp View Post
(1) Tit for tat is your philosophy? Ok. You'll probably learn better someday.

And why are you (falsely ) claiming that I didn't read the post you responded to?

Did you not quote it?

(2) When/where did I ever say this?

Much as it pains me to admit, the Sens are an organization on the upswing.

The Leafs are still stagnating, notwithstanding the glimmer of hope raised by their first 13 games last year.
(1) Meh, it's not really a philosophy, more of a reaction. "Rage writing"
And I just assumed you didn't read the post, because the way I read it, it felt more aggressive and more (for lack of a better word) arrogant than it needed to be.

(2) You said most serious students would opt for the sens organization without giving me any reasons why that would be true. So I took it as the impression that you based these theories off last years standings. I apologize if I'm wrong but you need to be clearer next time.

And I don't know if you heard about it, but the Sens were the surprise team of 2012. They weren't expected to make the playoffs. Now just because they made the playoffs everyone's opinions instantly change. A few years ago, Columbus made the playoffs too am I right. How was their future?

I can pump up Toronto saying they have 2 ppg players, several strong d prospects and such, but the truth is, Toronto is like Ottawa, not strong enough to face the big teams of the east, but have several positives in the line up. Unless you can tell me why these "serious students of the game" believe Ottawa is the better organization, there's no reason for me to take your word on it.

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