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Originally Posted by newfy View Post
Didnt a lot of bars close down due to the last lockout the NHL had?
A lot? Like how many?
You don't think that a couple businesses are going to struggle when the Joe moves from its current location?

The only real economic impact I see is construction.
Otherwise, you're just moving the money to a new part of the city.

And even then... Bars. It's a sad thing when anyone loses their business. But let's talk numbers. How much tax dollars for how much REAL and NEW economic benefit.

I'd be interested to know how this DDA TIF mechanism works.

So the DDA helps fund the construction of this thing? At what level? The DDA, perhaps with the backing of the state, floats a huge municipal bond that it pays back by capturing taxes on the increased property values in where? The whole city? The immediate area surrounding the city proposed arena site?

Ah, so the corporate welfare extends all the way to Lansing
Legislation introduced in Lansing would create a new “catalyst development project” that could benefit from support from the Michigan Strategic Fund and also from the use of Downtown Development Authority tax revenues that support projects in the central business district.
Good to know that Lansing politicans, while bankrupting schools and eliminating pensions for guys who wake up at 3 a.m. to fix exploded frozen pipes, are planning to make the Ilitcher richer with our tax dollars.

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