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12-04-2012, 11:07 PM
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Originally Posted by charliolemieux View Post
Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday should all have lots of action.

Has Anyone ever seen Golf on there?

Pick the winner out of a list or something?
I have all 5 of my exams within a week now. It's studying time. Will of course take some breaks from studying so my head doesn't explode but will have to see how much time I have to space. Would have to get lucky with all of the betting events being in one of those breaks and I would have to notice.

- 1 of the exam will require maybe 5 more hours of studying.
- Another exam the prof gave us a bunch of review questions that will get us through 98% of the exam, working on all of those tomorrow with someone else. Should hopefully get through them all.
- Another exam seems pretty easy, just going to have to review some notes and read about 100 pages of a textbook, will probably only going to take like 6 hours tops.
- One of them will require lots of studying and reading a bunch of pages
- The last one will require quite a bit of reading but it's much simpler content.

Exams start at 10am on Sunday. Will be done writing all 5 by 5pm on Tuesday. Don't plan on doing much studying (if any) during those days to keep myself sane

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