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12-04-2012, 11:20 PM
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I'm an old schooler as well, much like Masterchief...
I was really young at the time, but did my best to follow the Canucks of around 1976-77 (I had a cousin who was a few years older than me that I tried to copy with everything he did)...
By the time the team hired Harry Neale, changed uni's and brought in Gradin-Fraser-Smyl, I was hooked. Lots of crappy teams for a long time, but a long run (mostly) of competitive teams since the early 90's (Messier/Keenan crap aside).

Loved Gradin.
Stan Smyl's game in his first few years as an NHL'er was something that is hard to put into words.
I absolutely loved Glen Hanlon. Still my favorite NHL'er of all time (makes no sense to me either).

I thought I would never see anyone like Bure in a Canucks uniform. I turned on him around the time he was traded away, but have recently come to appreciate him again.

Like Masterchief, I love the tough guys. Gino Odjick is right up there with Hanlon. Curt Fraser was as tough as they come, esp considering his size, and he could play the game.
Wasn't a big Snepsts fan.

I live in Southern California now (for the last 9 years now)...I'm not sure if it's my age and experience now, or simple geography. I still am a diehard fan but have chilled out a lot over the last 5-10 years. I used to be ready to slash my wrist with every loss, and no longer take it that serious.

I'm not overly greedy. I'd just love to see us win 1 Stanley Cup. Preferably while I'm still young enough to enjoy it.

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