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12-04-2012, 11:40 PM
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Originally Posted by MPF24 View Post
Ever heard of "The Secret"? Read the book or watch the film. Sure, it's a big "new age" or (harmlessly) cult-ish seeming, at first, and you'll feel a bit silly, especially if you watch the film, but if you take even a bit of it to heart it will probably be a huge help. Unless you can tell me you don't have 90 spare minutes in your life, take my advice and netflix it. It might really improve the quality of your life and it sure as **** won't hurt it any. Same goes to every single person on here, actually. No matter who you are. Again, sure, it might seem corny and lame but I promise, there isn't a single person who can't benefit from it. Even if you don't buy into it 100%, the overall message and idea is one that is simply healthy and should promote a good feeling.
Is this the movie with the X Files guy? Where his wife dies in a car accident, and his daughter was in the car too. She survives physically, but mentally she becomes the wife?

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