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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Lots of talent in the top 6, but they seem a little on the soft side.
We definitely don't think our top-6 is tough, but in the context of this draft, it is "tough enough" while having almost surely the most firepower of any team.

Likewise, I still have some concerns about the puck winning of your second line. Legends of Hockey rarely says a bad word about a player and their profile of Khristich calls him a skilled player "whose intensity has been questioned," and that "there was a concern over the drop in Khristich's play in the playoffs when tighter checking predominated."
If you read Khristich's bio - in which I left absolutely nothing out, positive, neutral, or negative - I think you'll agree that he's a player who battles, takes a pounding, plays strong defense and is always in the right place. Really the only knock on the guy is that he was inconsistent. He's unique in that regard, because typically one-way forwards get that tag, but he was a very strong all-around player when he was on.

4th line is another solid hard working line, but I really think you could have used a real heavyweight with lack of toughness being the one weakness in your top lines.
Kelly is a heavyweight.

I have no idea how to rank defensemen when we get this low. With Rolf, Reisse, Snepst, and to a lesser extent Hardy, toughness sure isn't a problem for your D. All 3 pairs seem adequate at moving the puck, though not exceptional.
This is the best skating defense I've ever had in a sub-ATD draft. Snepsts is notoriously slow, but the rest of the corps is exceptionally mobile, and that's even with three more 6'3"+ guys.

Goalies seem adequate for this level, no more.
Yes, probably.

Anyone think that Brodeur maybe deserves the starting job? Looking at him now I'm not sure why we didn't settle on a goalie earlier,and why it wasn't him. I kinda underrated him, then after taking him realized his WHA resume added a lot.

With what has been revealed here, Igor Liba is way too good to be a spare! Not sure who you would bench for him though. It's a royal shame to see someone who brings as much as Steve Rucchin as a spare, as well.
That's just how deep we are, man.

Rucchin was my 2nd choice for a bottom-six center. If he brought just a Randy Wood-level of offense, I'd probably still think so, so all his other offense is just gravy. Why is he not a starter? We like Hooper too much. Didn't want to take a scoring champ as a token early guy and make him a spare.

Penalty kills seem fine.
Definitely more than "fine". By reputation and by stats, I'm not sure how we don't have the best PK forwards in this draft. There are probably a few better PK defense units here, but all four of ours were heavy career-long PKers, though just one was on a team that was that great at it.

Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
Mike Bullard does have a reputation for toughness, but I'm not sure here that comes from. He certainly isn't really much of a physical guy from what I've seen.
Yeah, I have to agree. I'm not too sure where this came from either. Maybe it was the beard. He's average physically.

After the bio we put together on Khristch, he sould be viewed as one of our best forward... and even one of the best in this draft. He's got 1st line offense AND a good two-way game AND good puck-winning skils. There's no way he's on the bench.
He might be our best forward. His offensive credentials are close enough to the other 4 (with Adams being the 6th), and his two-way and physical game could put him over the top.

Whatever happens to him as he plays his way up and down the lineup and as other players get injured, it's nice to know he can fill in at any position on any line.

As much as I'd love you to think Rolfe is tough, he wasn't. He was huge and strong, but not a hitter or fighter. "Hal Gill + skating" would be a good comparison.
Agree. Plus better even strength offense. But otherwise, that's exactly right.

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