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12-04-2012, 11:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Bleedred View Post
Is this the movie with the X Files guy? Where his wife dies in a car accident, and his daughter was in the car too. She survives physically, but mentally she becomes the wife?
Nah, it's a 'non-fiction' kind of "self help" thing. It's not really "self help". It's like a philosophy basically, for learning not to worry and how to attract good things to yourself, every day. It's not too long, it's a little corny but it's harmless and everyone I know who has ever watched/read it, even if they've said they thought it was silly, lame, corny, embarrassing to admit to, etc. all have said they agreed with it fundamentally and thought it was helpful. Trust me, it's definitely like... a goofy film to watch, especially at a stranger's recommendation but, like I said, it's harmless and almost every body can benefit from it. It's not radical at all. Nothing controversial or that will offend or disagree with anyone's beliefs. It's also pretty widely known of and I believe it's available on netflix. It's more popular than people let on; I think a lot of people have read or watched it and just don't mention it because, as I say, you can feel kind of goofy watching it.

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