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12-05-2012, 12:14 AM
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Some bad posts from Rangers fans (regarding Stepan/Backes) in the last page, but also a couple of really bad proposals from Blues fans as well (Cole, Stewart, Rattie? Quantity =/= quality and anything that doesn't help our odds IMMEDIATELY is a no-go; we're as competitive as we're ever likely to be and we're going all-in on the next couple of seasons).

The only way it would get done is centered around Staal for Shattenkirk (where Staal is the more valuable piece), IMO, with the Rangers adding something in order for the Blues to add one of Berglund, Steen, Stewart or Schwartz (even McDonald, perhaps, as a rental, to give us firepower in our best year to contend). Obviously, what the Rangers add is dependent on which of those forwards the Blues add, but it can't be anything of ginormous significance as it would be THE deal to complete the Rangers lineup, while at the same time, St. Louis would be getting the best player and completing a MONSTER pairing of Staal-Pietrangelo.

Something LIKE (don't judge, this is hypothetical and value would be adjusted):

Staal + JT Miller + 1st/2nd for Shattenkirk + Russell + Berglund/Schwartz/Stewart/Steen

Resulting in:

Nash - Richards - Callahan
Kreider - Stepan - Gaborik
Haglin - Berglund - Boyle
Pyatt - Halpern - Asham/Rupp
McDonagh - Girardi
Del Zotto - Shattenkirk
Russell - Stralman


Perron - Backes - Oshie
Steen - McDonald - Tarasenko
D'Agostini - Schwartz - Stewart
Langenbrunner - Nichol - Sobotka
Staal - Pietrangelo
Jackman - Polak
Cole - ??

Forgive me, I don't know how the Blues handle their lines, but you get the idea. The Blues would still have quite a bit of forward depth for parting with one of their middle tier forwards (No Backes, Oshie, Perron, Tarasenko) and their top pairing would be one of the best in the league, hands down, with many years left in the tank. The Rangers adding a more offensive RH shot at the expense of, probably, their best defenseman overall, but also adding (what I feel) is the missing piece of one more quality forward to round out the top 9 would be as primed as they will ever be to compete. In my opinion, as I stated earlier, we're likely going ALL-IN on the next couple of seasons, to the point where I would only make trades that help us now, and I would consider selling a great deal of futures, even overpaying, as long as the return makes us more complete, head to toe. If Staal is moving, but Shattenkirk is coming back (again, one for one, that would be a big win for STL), I'm willing to add FUTURES to Staal to the point that we're overpaying considerably, but only to add a piece like Berglund (or pay less but add something like McDonald just for a short-term, going for it situation) that is going to make our lineup COMPLETE, right now.

I doubt anything like this would ever get done, but it's actually the kind of move I would most consider letting Staal go in.

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