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12-05-2012, 12:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Beville View Post
Basically yeah... It's the attitude I always took...

The worst I've ever done was a brutal, yet perfect hip check...
heh. I'm sure she deserved it.

Size doesn't have to be a problem, although I can see why people would think it is. (It's not just a concern for women either, not all male hockey players are 6 ft and 200lb!) Most experienced players seem to be able to absorb collisions well even from a larger guy. I've never played contact but my understanding is that a good clean hit should knock a player off the puck, not squish them between you and the boards, right?

The danger comes from those 300lb benders who go barreling around at top speed with their heads down. If someone who isn't confident on their skates or is on the small side gets in the way, the results are invariably awful. I know from experience

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