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12-05-2012, 01:24 AM
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Doesn't surprise me, Vinik pretty much has all but said that yes he wants a better CBA than last, but losing a season is ludicrous.

Its not like he is a fininacial moron either. "Even the most respected Money-management firms got anstsy. In early 1995, Jeffery Vinik, manager of Fidelity Magellan (Then the worlds largest mutual fund), had 42.5 percent of its assets in Technology stocks. Vinik proclaimed that most of his shareholders "Have invested in the fund for goals that are years away.....I think their objectives are the same as mine, and that they believe, as I do, that a long-term approach is the best." But six months after he wrote those high-minded words, Vinik sold off almost all of technology shares, unloading nearly 19 Billion worth in eight frenzied weeks." ~~The Intelligent Investor PG. 37

He is not hurting for money needless to say, at the same time he is approaching this as a bussiness decision, and is revamping channel side (Down town Tampa.) Investing millions back into the community. This lockout has hurted his fanbase quite a bit, and I would imagine he would be sick of it. Making him BFF's of Burkle and Lemieux during this whole crap situation. Trust me when I say this, he wants hockey played.

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