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12-05-2012, 01:33 AM
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Originally Posted by SCritical View Post
Today I am shaking with anger after an incident in my semi private lesson this morning.

After what I thought was a perfectly nomal lesson from coach, the other girl in the group put up a rant on facebook about what a meanie coach is. She accused him of the following:

a) tapping her on the butt with his stick (I haven't had a coach who doesn't do this, regardless of gender)
b) Calling her by her full name when she makes mistakes
c) Incessantly pointing out said mistakes (in other words, DOING HIS JOB!)

His family got involved - siding with her - and the whole thing escalated, and racial slurs were thrown about (coach is european) it was quite disgusting. it ended with his sister in law complaining to his wife, saying she would make sure he was kept under control.

I'm furious, basically. I don't know why she's paying for lessons if her fragile ego can't handle being corrected. But that's for her to deal with, not do classless things like trash him on social media, giving his in laws, who don't like him, reason to rag on him even more. I think he's a good coach, he's very firm but not unkind and he's had great results in the past. It's just a shame he can't feel free to use his talents as he wants without worrying about some gossipy old women who know nothing about hockey keeping tabs on him

Sigh... I understand your anger. The world has become so sensitive, politically correct and, frankly, pathetic. Moreover, social media, for all it's "useful" or at least, convenient and entertaining potential uses, is more like a virus than anything, in my opinion. Sure, these boards themselves are a kind of "social media" but it's different. Anonymous, focused, not personal or petty or a popularity contest. And it's moderated to remain on target and appropriate. Things like facebook, in my opinion are completely self centered, self important, and quite frankly, self defeated (the fact that people have "facebook drama" in their lives is pathetic and frightening). The girl sounds like an ignoramus and a real wimp. The best coaches are not only strict; they're often outright hardasses and they're not their to do you any favors or tell you how special you are but to mold your soft, worthless behind into something significantly better than when they first got their hands on it. Am I exaggerating? Of course, but the point is, the best coaches ARE tough. This girl sounds like a grade A idiot who can't take criticism, is extremely 'sensitive' (oooh, he pat you on the bum with his HOCKEY stick... which is, you know, 4 feet away from his body) and not likely to get a whole lot out of any coaching that isn't more coddling than instructional. I HATE that crap.

Sorry, I'm still furious from my incident earlier tonight as well.

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