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12-05-2012, 01:43 AM
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It's more than just love yourself, in my opinion. Although, that certainly goes along with it. It's about retraining your brain. We do think far too negatively. We think in the negative tense, basically.

We focus on what we don't want, what we're afraid of, what could go wrong, what we hope to avoid, who we hope not to run into, etc. We focus on hoping we don't get sick, we're not late, etc. Love yourself or not, the idea that focusing on being healthy, rather than not getting sick sounds like the same thing, but under examination, it's actually quite easy to see how it's not. One is focusing on sickness. Just because you keep telling yourself you don't want to get sick, still doesn't mean you're not focusing on sickness. Your thoughts and your energy. The other focuses simply on health. It sounds so simple, maybe even unimportant, but it's amazing how much of a difference it can actually make in practice.

I'm not even close to perfect. I fall into negative thought patterns all of the time. Literally every day. I focus on what I don't want all the time. And worry. But whenevr I can catch myself and am conscious of my thoughts (fairly rare, it's usually a constant, unfiltered steam) I try to focus on reversing the habit and focusing positively and, despite not being able to maintain it for significant stretches, I'm always amazed at how things seem to go my way when I'm doing it for a few days. Trust me, it just kind of works. Even with things like money it has worked for me. I was so stressed mid-November about Christmas shopping and stuff and how close to broke I was getting and then I caught myself and for a few days I was focused on being really proactive and thinking super positively in an affirmative, positive tense and very shockingly, a check dated from September 19th, from my previous job showed up in my mail box, on like November 20th, for over $800. Never knew this check even existed or that I was owed money.

Anyhow, I think it's an interesting philosophy and definitely worth attempting to put into practice every now and then. The better you can become at it, the better it seems to work and even if it never attracts anything physical or substantial your way, it still seems like a healthier, happier way of learning to think which, in theory, should attract better things your way anyhow. So, while I would say it's more about, literally, the law of attraction and that whatever we focus on, we attract, I would agree that, at it's core, it does in fact LEAD to loving yourself. I really endorse it as a practice, even if the presentation is totally corny.

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