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12-05-2012, 01:50 AM
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So ****ing rattled!

So, the marks from an assignment were posted online and I got this message "Not Available. Please Send an Email to your Course Professor."

I knew I submitted this assignment, so I thought this was odd. I go into my sent folder in my email, and I see that I sent it, the attached file, before the due date, ethics statement, all that bull ****. [stroke]So the email that I have to send it to is the TA's email and it goes something like "" I then realize that I sent the email to "" I forgot to ****ing capitalize "TA".

****, so I sent an email to my prof and I basically told him look, I sent the assignment, I still have the assignment in my sent folder where you can download it from the attachments and mark it, the email is timestamped, and I really don't think I should get a ****ing zero for forgetting to capitalize two god damn letters.

And this assignment is worth 18% of my grade.

****. ****. ****. I really hope he understands.

Edit: None of that matters anymore cause CH tells me that Gmail is not case sensitive. Interesting none the less.

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