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12-05-2012, 02:56 AM
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Originally Posted by John Holmes View Post
No he has not. Since the rebuild / firesale, he has done a good job. Before that, he got railed in pretty much every move he made, but I am not going to rehash all that.

Looking at two players here, Couturier and Zibanejad. Couts is clearly ahead of Zbad now. An object in motion tends to stay in motion. Couturier will in all likelyhood improve as he matures.

I don't see how anyone can genuinely say that Zibanejad is ultimately going to be the better player, since there is zero evidence to support that. Believing that will happen is opinion. Believing that Zibanejad will learn how to score goals and be awesome is opinion.

With Couturier, there are results, and there is history. It stands to reason that not only will he continue to do what he has already shown that he can do, but that he will improve as he matures.

So yes, it is my opinion that Couturier will be the better player, based on history. It is your opinion that Zibanejad will be the better player because...???
You're talking about a human being here, where emotion is involved, not an object. If we are looking at this objectively, everyone should be an NHL player, since you know they were set in motion to be that and no NHL player will be better than any other, since they are all following the same linear path.

We didn't think Lehner was the real deal when he was in Eerie, nor did we think that Silfverberg would be anything better than a third line checking forward with a little bit of upside. Yet they are both proving a lot different than what has been said on this board and others boards in the past.

Right now Couturier, who landed on a much more solid team than Zibanejad. A team with a coaching staff more than a year old, and a lot of star players as buffer. Couturier also didn't have to deal with things like going back to Sweden after 9 games, etc etc. Nor did Couturier land himself on a craptastic team, nor has he had to adjust to the ice size and the difference between the speed of game and decision making that comes with it.

So, this object in motion BS you're using is pretty ludicrous. There are a lot of factors between these two players that make them far different. Which means they will develop differently as well.

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