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Originally Posted by iRep TheWingedWheel View Post
Same question as last week from me.

Brandon Lloyd vs. HOU
Antonio Brown vs. SD
Justin Blackmon vs. NYJ
Kendall Wright vs. IND
Blackmon stunk it up last week and has a bad matchup. Wright's pretty inconsistent and hasn't had a big game all year. Lloyd's just been terrible lately. Brown looked healthy last week and got 10 targets, so I'd roll with him.
Originally Posted by GrigsAndGirgs View Post
Pick 2:

Knowshon Moreno
Mike Wallace
Stevie Johnson
Kenny Britt
Wallace is unstartable until Ben's back and plays a full week. Britt really hasn't done anything all year. Moreno's your best start here, followed by Stevie.

Pitt vs SD
TB vs Phi
Cleveland vs KC
Jax vs NYJ
I like all of these options better. I think your best bet is the Browns. I like the Jets matchup but the Jacksonville defense hasn't scored anything this year.

Houston D (NE) or Jets D (Jax)? Houston's D has been amazing, but that matchup...
I gotta go with the matchup on this one. The Pats don't give up any points to defenses. You feel like with that mess in NY there's a pretty decent chance the Jags hold them under 10.

Cutler or Schaub? I expect Schaub will be more likely to be in a shootout, so leaning that way.
I'd say Schaub largely for the reason you mention.

Boldin or Maclin for my flex WR? Boldin seems to be the safe bet, he usually picks up yardage, but Maclin is more boom/bust. Both have good matchups (Was and TB respectively)
Boldin's been significantly better than Maclin this year, so with both having good matchups I'd go Boldin.

Originally Posted by RedRenegade View Post
Welcome to the big time boys! It's playoffs!

Pick one please:
Lance Moore @ NYG
Josh Gordon vs KC
Fitzgerald @ SEA
Just can't start Fitz. Moore's the safer start (compared to Gordon) and has nearly the upside, so I'd go with him.

Originally Posted by TLinden16 View Post
QB (pick 1) - Luck vs TEN or Newton vs ATL
Tough call here. If you're projected to win I'd go Luck, and if you're projected to lose I'd go Cam. Cam has a higher ceiling but lower floor.
RB (pick 2) - Lynch vs ARI, Morris vs BAL, Bryce Brown @ TB
I am firmly on board the Brown train so I'd go him and Lynch.
WR (pick 3) - Green vs Dallas, Shorts vs NYJ, Garcon vs BAL, Jennings vs DET, Moore vs NYG, Harvin vs CHI
Green obviously, Shorts has to get through concussion protocol and has a bad matchup, so you might have to sit him this week. Harvin is highly unlikely to play so he's out. I like Jennings now that he's got a week under his belt. I like Garcon moving forward, but Moore has the significantly better matchup, so I'd go with him.

DEF - Seattle vs ARI or Denver vs Oakland
Both great options but AZ is really a mess, so I think you gotta go Seattle.

Originally Posted by Everlong View Post
Pick 2 - PPR League:

(TE)Dallas Clark vs PHI
(TE)Brent Celek @TB
(RB)Jonathan Dwyer vs SD
(TE)Jared Cook @IND
Dwyer for sure. Celek's the most consistent target so in a PPR I'd go with him.

Originally Posted by tv14 View Post
1 RB:
Beanie Wells (@ SEA)
James Starks (vs DET)
Jacquiz Rodgers (@ CAR)
or I could pick up Vick Ballard or Donald Brown (vs TEN) - don't know which one though.
Starks is done for the year (for fantasy purposes), so you can drop him for Ballard. Donald Brown left Sunday's game and might be out this week. If he is Ballard is a pretty good start, and if not I'd still lean him over Jacquizz.

2 WR:
Steve Smith (vs ATL)
Marques Coslton (@ NYG)
Malcolm Floyd (@ PIT)
Sydney Rice (vs ARI)
Larry Fitzgerald (@ SEA)
Andre Roberts (@ SEA)
Can't start either Cardinal. Colston is the best start of the bunch so he's in. I like Rice even though he'll likely have Peterson on him, but he got smoked at the end of the game Sunday and has to pass concussion tests this week. So for now I'd say go Smith with Floyd at Flex.

Originally Posted by MJG View Post
Flex spot: Ridley, BJGE, Moreno, Jennings or Blackmon?
Ridley doesn't do well when he doesn't have a good matchup, so I'd sit him. BJGE has quietly had quite a productive year, and Bryce Brown ran all over Dallas last week, so I'd probably go with him. Moreno's still a bit of a gamble at this point. Blackmon's out. And while I like Jennings this week I'll always lean RB over WR.

Tight end: Finley or Rudolph?
Definitely Rudolph.

Originally Posted by BillyShoe1721 View Post
RB(pick 2): Bryce Brown, Arian Foster, Vick Ballard, Beanie Wells, Ben Tate
WR(pick 2): Reggie Wayne, Jeremy Maclin, Antonio Brown, Danny Amendola
Flex: Pick 1 of the above that you didn't choose for RB/WR. I'm thinking Foster/Brown/Wayne/Brown/Ballard.
Brown and Foster no doubt. Amendola's pretty banged up so I'd sit him. Brown got 10 targets last week and SD is pretty bad, so I'd roll with him and Wayne. Then for your Flex I'd go with Ballard. It's a good matchup, and Brown's either out or banged up, so that should boost Ballard's production.

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