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12-05-2012, 04:34 AM
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Let me just add this: I don't know how this will fix the NHL's problems. We have teams for whom the salary floor is 75% of their revenue and the salary cap is their whole revenue. So let's say that they go down to paying 65% of the revenue towards the floor and the cap is 90% of their revenue. That is still not sustainable because they have all types of other expenses.

Either we'll have to drop the floor so much that some teams will be able to field a team full of rookies and minor leaguers, getting 30 points per season, or we'll have to face the fact that some teams are just not profitable.

If a team can't afford to spend $50-55 million on player salaries and be profitable, then a question must be raised on either shutting down the team, moving it or having the wealthy teams sponsor it.

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