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Leisure Time

Originally Posted by Theokritos View Post
But why did hockey become where the money was? Because its popularity increased (mass audiences)? If so wouldn't the increased popularity already bring along an expanded talent pool with the money only being a side effect? Or did the popularity of watching hockey increase while the popularity of playing hockey did not increase at the same rate originally?* So that the money generated through the mass audiences was necessary to fuel the popularity of playing?

*Hockey is one of the most attended sports in many European countries outside of the traditional powerhouses (Russia, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia), but very few people actually play hockey themselves. So it's fair to say that the popularity of watching hockey is there, but the popularity of playing hockey is not.

Popularity of watching > popularity of playing > increased talent pool


Popularity of watching > market, money > popularity of playing > increased talent pool
Until the start of the depression, 20th century NA saw the start of the shift from rural to urban life and the growth in available leisure time especially amongst the working class.

These trends were evidenced in entertainment - cinema , theatre, vaudeville - live entertainment, professional sports.

In all cases facilities were built because of revenue potential - theatres, movie houses, arenas, baseball stadiums and the extra leisure time produced opportunity and demand for entertainment and sporting professionals. Previously professional entertainers and athletes were looked down upon in NA society.

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