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Originally Posted by ktf View Post
I am really happy with the new format of only one team being relegated. This year especially it is nice, because Germany and Latvia are clearly above the rest. I think a lot of people are talking about Latvia, but this German team could do some damage as well. They have some talent you do not normally see. I really hope they stay up, because I think next years team would be seriously dangerous.
The way I see their roster panning out.

G- Marvin Cüpper (94)
G- Philip Lehr (93)

Haase(93)- Keller(93)
Kronthaler(93)- Faber(93)
Mebus(93)- Mierandres(93)
Bar(93)...Kindl(93) next in line

These are not actual lines... just an idea of the order

Reider(93)- Draisaitl(95)- Pföderl(93)
Pauli (93)- Uvira(93)- Kahun(95)
Latta(93)- Kretschmann(93)- Kurth(94)

At this point I would then consider... Zuravlev(93), Tiffels(95) as wildcards. I am sure one or two of the other 93 born players would fill the extra role and possibly replace Draisaitl or Kahun if they are deemed too young. Personally I think that would be a tragedy givne how they are playing!
Good roster,the guys should be able to compete with most of the other teams.As for the forwards,I could see Detsch and Rinke making the team.Detsch is playing really good for Kaufbeuern in the 2nd leauge and played mainly in the top-6.Rinke had a good start in Bremerhaven and should bring some physical elements to the team.

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