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12-05-2012, 07:40 AM
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Originally Posted by SidTheKid8787 View Post
I'm urging everyone to steer clear of "Sid The Saviour" as well. He's been involved all along.

Timing is as mentioned, the bigger factor. And i'd give credit to the new people at the table, the Burkles, Tanenbaums, Viniks and Chipmans before i'd give it to any player.

ETA: And yes, the Jacobs', if Burton's report comes to fruition.
If all Jacobs did was keep quiet this time around, the man deserves some credit because that would probably be seen as an improvement, lol.

I would agree that the movement is probably more in line with the owners approach than the players at the table. I think most if not all of the players from yesterday have been to a previous meeting and yet nothing nearly as good came from it like yesterday's meeting. I also agree that timing is probably crucial for both parties at this point and it's now or never to salvage a season otherwise the next steps will be dangerous territory for both that will all but certain wipe a season out. Bringing new owners to the table gives the league the opportunity to start afresh in some ways and approach the situation differently. Most times, it's not what you say, but how you say it and if there's truth that there was a lot of mutual understanding that came from yesterday's discussions, then it could very well be a new approach is really all that was needed to move things along (for the first time in this entire process).

I've heard great things about Chipman and Vinik as being player friendly owners and dedicated investors to their teams and poors guys aren't getting love from anyone for being involved yesterday.

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