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12-05-2012, 08:50 AM
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Originally Posted by barneyg View Post
I don't understand your reasoning on two points here:

1) the Joe works fine and it's downtown, it's just getting too old
2) what's your evidence that it was a mistake to move to Newark? Attendance wasn't any higher at Meadowlands.
If I may, Detroit is the kind of place that if you talk about traveling to, you will hear 1001 rumor about how in the middle of the street in front of the police station at noon you will get robber, ***** and shot all at once how dangerous it is.

But honestly, you gotta go there, see it to understand that it's not what people say it is. I've been twice to Detroit, once on a 1day pitstop to Chichago, once to actually see the Wings play in Joe. May not be the best city i've visited so far (I'm in love with Boston tho), but it's far from being the worse.

And you can't compare Devils situation. Devils were blamed to have built an arena in ''ghetto'' while they had many other parts of the city more ''public friendly''. Detroit main problem is economy, not gangsters and wannabe thugs.

Hey, I've read news of tourist getting shot on Broadway in late afternoon...guess NYC is pretty dangerous aswell.

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