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12-05-2012, 07:50 AM
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Optimism is great. Hopefully, we'll hear a deal soon.

What was yesterday about? Maybe a deal was made behind the scenes ? Maybe not? The time frame works.

My view: The owners put their best offer forward. This is their final attempt to see where the players stand. Are the players going to use the offer to start a negotiation or will they go the rest of the way and accept the owners deal? Are the owners desperate enough to accept whatever the players offer? The jury is still out. In all likelihood if this negotiation fails the season is over.

My point is that the optimism is in the air. I'm sure the owners came off their positions. The players were happy walking out of the room How will they handle their good fortune?

I'm hopeful but still not fully willing to buy into the optimism 100%.

A DEc 1 date was always in the script so the time frame of a settlement at this tine works.

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