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Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
Not to mention the United States south of Michigan.

Bringing this back around to goalies, I think the Worters generation is the first where we can really see goaltenders becoming star players across the board. After the obvious Vezina, Benedict, Hainsworth crowd it's tough for me to see all-time greats in the earlier era's deeper tiers. Lehman is the bottom of the top-60 talent pool as far as I can see, with Winkler hovering out there around 80. On that basis it intuitively seems too early for Lehman, especially when you consider he had such a similar résumé to Worters, seeing as the latter had to do it against much steeper competition.
I think you're double counting the competition against Lehman. Prior to discussing competition, he holds a 11-4 advantage over Worters in 1st Team All Star nods. The fact that the PCHA was a half league (with Vezina and Benedict out east) is already held against Lehman if you want to say his resume is similar to Worters. You're also forgetting Hap Holmes, who I think ranks well above a non-HHOF like Winkler.

I'm leaning towards having Worters exactly 1 spot ahead of Lehman, simply because Worters won a Hart Trophy (MadArcand, I guess you convinced me with that one). Though I'd really love to read newspaper articles from 1928-29 to see if the writers actually thought Worters was the best player in the league that season, or if he was just "most valuable." It wasn't completely unknown for writers to give a player a Hart and not even vote him 1st Team All Star in later dates (Worters was a 1st Teamer in 1928-29 though).

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