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12-05-2012, 08:05 AM
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Originally Posted by leova View Post
northarrow, Carlson and I absolutely dominated tonight, we, quite literally, took out the trash

we definitely need more HFBs playing, we didn't lose a single game all night while going apesh*t all throughout.

really fun playing with others that can work together, infinitely better than stupid random scrubs
I was on earlier in the evening with those guys, and Whysoserious. Didn't do so well, but I think we still won a decent amount of the games. I'll take the fall for it, wasn't on my game.

Weekends will probably be a better time to get a full party rolling. Not sure I'll be playing much the rest of this week. But if anyone sees me on, feel free to send an invite.

As a side note, playing against guys with diamond sniper rifles is super annoying.

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