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12-05-2012, 08:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Xref View Post
The sentiment is valid, imo; the next commissioner position should be one that puts the league's best interests to the forefront. The commissioner's responsibilities should include overseeing the best interests of both the owners AND the players. The Owners should be represented by a group, and the players represented by a group, with the commissioner as a go-between. His salary and the costs to operate HQ shared by the PA and the Owners group. Then perhaps we will have labor harmony going forward. I say perhaps, yes.
Yes, but that would mean that both the players and the owners should pay his salary, wouldn't it? Don't see a problem with that, but as it stands isn't Bettman's salary primarily paid by the owners? Actually, that's a good question (at least for me to know)... Where does Bettman's salary come from? If it is in fact from the owners, then logically he's going to be serving their purposes first.

I think though that the Commissioner should be in charge of what's best for the game, and that means both the integrity of the game and also the maintenance and growth of its fanbase (that alone can often be a balancing act)... and not allowing the biases nor actions of either side (owners or players) to unduly harm the health of the sport. Who then would he answer to,... yes, both sides, but not necessarily always with the objective of satisfying either. If the game stays healthy, and both sides aren't significantly losing (financially), then he's doing his job well.

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