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* I would love to see America dominant ice hockey. But its just not in our cards. Right now Canada has everything to be #1 and continue the world dominance.

How can you say otherwise? Just speaking about USA, America's junior leagues and colleges are 2nd class to the top leagues in the world. Frankly, out of 50 states we only have a half a dozen that consider hockey big. A quarter of those states have hockey in the top 2 and still tough to consider hockey #1. Boston, Minnesota, Michigan and maybe you can throw in Colorado and New York. NY simply because upstate is colder weather and places like Albany and Buffalo love winter sports and even here in LI there are some strong programs. Anyway none of it matches Canadas intensity...

Kids grow up with the sport... playing, watching. Its in their blood and their history. Its on their currency and its on their reality tv shows. If you play, you watch. if you dont play, you probably watch. TSN covers hockey like ESPN covers baseball and football. They care more about WJC then America cares about the Olympics.

Best junior league in the world... Canadian Junior Hockey. Includes all 3 of those major juniors. OHL, WHL, QMJHL. 75% if not more are Canadian playing the old canadian way. The Canadians who cant make those leagues probably come over the border to take away American college leagues. NCAA is the most profound league for young hockey players in the USA and it too is taken up by Canadians lol.

Even the best russians are now starting to come over to play in the CHL.

Canada's national team is expected to win Gold or 1st place in every tournament.

Its funny to because the NHL is an American league. Its true. The league favors American cities (because of marketability and $$$$) and American players (which helps promote the game to American citizens and viewers). On right now they are having a poll... will USA win the WJC. Yes or no. Most say no lol but funny.

The NHL started off in Canada but its expanded to the south.

I think more Americans will start taking NHL ranks as Europeans will tend to stay over seas more and more. NHL has grown around the world, making other countries grow the sport more too. KHL has grown and thats making European hockey more exciting.

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