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To place Lehman's AS record in context, this is his competition for those awards:

NOTE: following the next few posts, I went back and edited in WCHL data to make this list more complete.

Bert Lindsay, Alan Parr

Parr replaced by Mike Mitchell

Exit Mike Mitchell
Enter Hap Holmes, Tom Murray and Fred McCullough

Exit McCullough, enter Norman (Hec) Fowler

Exit Hap Holmes

Holmes returns, replacing Fowler

Fowler returns, replacing Murray

Same guys

Same guys
[WCHL - Hal Winkler, Sammy Hebert, Bill Laird, Charlie Reid]

Same guys
[WCHL - Add Bill Benney, who played most of the season in place of Reid]

Same guys
[WCHL - Exit Hebert, replaced by George Hainsworth
Exit Laird, replaced by Red McCusker
Exit Benney, as Reid played the whole season]

1925 - Leagues Merge
WCHL now has George Hainsworth, Hap Holmes, Hal Winkler, Red McCusker, Charlie Reid and Herb Stuart. Lehman plays less than half a season in Vancouver with Reid.

Reid is out, replaced by Lehman.

It's interesting how stagnant the PCHA became at the end. That's not a good sign for a competitive league.

Basically, Lehman had no all-time competition until Holmes entered the league in '16. After that, Holmes and Fowler were his only noteworthy competition and even at that, they're not exactly on the top-20 level we're discussing now. Probably not on Lehman's own level very often. Compare to Worters, who was always up against the likes of Benedict, Hainsworth, Gardiner, Thompson, Connell, Roach.

I stuck up for the PCHA earlier because I do think it was a quality league, but during that timeframe it would seem that goalie talent just wasn't abundant. Racking up 11 AS against PCHA competition doesn't strike me as more impressive than getting 4 against consolidated, next-generation NHL competition.

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