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12-05-2012, 08:59 AM
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I didn't watch the workshop but the reports that Clark is keen to "look forward" and not "dwell on the past" seems a bit self-serving for a council member that is leaving imminently, leaving the carnage behind her.

Is there really any surprise that a small city of 250,000 is running into financial difficulties, after investing huge amounts in sports facilities and reaping almost no financial return? Piled on top of that, they just shoveled out another $50 million to cover the losses of a professional sports team over two years, and have now committed over $300 million to subsidize a sports team for the next 20 years. Something has to give. It seems that Beasley's approach was to rummage through various trust funds to pay the ongoing costs. Now, the wave is crashing on the shore and there are going to be some very tough decisions going forward. Luckily for her, Clark won't be around to deal with the fall-out. I wonder how often in the future we'll see the finger pointed at Knaack and Martinez for helping them get into this mess.

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