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12-05-2012, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Hnidy Hnight View Post
That's what bothers me as well. The constant sell job......of everything. I haven't checked today, but yesterday every ticket pack for 2013 was still available. Why pay face value when the secondary market lets you see what the forcast will be like and at a fraction of the cost?
They are the only game in town in a town that loves baseball and has supported the league's highest ticket prices for years. As an individual fan you might look to the secondary market, and as pessimists you all might laugh at the sellout streak, but fact is they do sell enough seats to honestly claim sellouts like any other team would. So they do not need to lower prices. They are making a profit.

So as the purveyors of a product that makes them tons of money, do you honestly expect them not to market the hell out of their product? I mean have you guys spent any time in New York and seen the Yankees marketing engine?

Look I am as turned off by Lucky and the Dentist as much as anyone, but the knocks are getting absurd now. These guys are running a business, and a profitable one. Until they start losing money or demand falls a ton, they're going to stick with the plan, and they should!

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