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Originally Posted by Huffer View Post
Excellent work as usual Garret.

Question: What's a good number for CF%?

If I'm reading your first chart correctly, 4 out of the 6 players had greater than .5 CF% with Burmi, but 3 of them had a higher CF% without Burmi than with him (Antro, Ladd, Little). And the last column shows Burmi always with a CF% higher than .5.

So I guess my question is, how is this interpreted?
You are reading it right.

You always want a CF% above .500 (higher is better), this means you are out chancing your opponent and controlling puck possession. Same goes for GF%.

Anything lower than .500 means you are getting outshot / chanced. You don't want to see this unless the player is buried with tough minutes and / or zone starts.

I like with and without analysis, simply because it helps illustrate which line combos worked and which didn't along with possibly assessing blame.

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