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12-05-2012, 09:38 AM
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Originally Posted by bp13 View Post
Can you name me one free agent available this offseason who would have been more than a "marginal stiff"? They needed outfielders, a 1b, a SS and two starters. They got two outfielders (a #4 and a top 3), probably the best available hitting first baseman, and there's a ton of time left. Now I hate the Victorino signing, but you're making it sound like they're passing over better options? Hamilton and Greinke aren't gonna sign short-term deals, and if you're so high on the promise of our youth, you don't want them on long-term deals. So who exactly should they sign?

And if your answer to that is "nobody, play the kids", I again say that's completely, 100% unrealistic, and I know you know that. No big market team coming off these latest two seasons is going to play Gomez, Kalish, Lavarnway, Iglesias etc. on a nightly basis. This isn't Kansas City. Are they supposed to suffer the daily ripping in the media for charging the league's highest prices for a team they know will suck? Or are you honestly expecting them to lower ticket prices when they know they don't have to?

You're simply not articulating a realistic strategy. You're just venting. Lay out a reasonable strategy for this season that makes baseball and business sense. You can't ignore the latter.
I already have multiple times. If you're going in with the attitude that this isn't your year, then go with youth, and deal with the repercussions. If you want to bring in UFA's to fill spots, then go out and get the best ones on the market. It's not like you don't have the money, FFS, you just freed up an ungodly amount with one trade last season. What I find deplorable is this game of signing marginal dudes at higher than needed dollar values just so the FO can say they tried. It's BS. You pick a path and you go with it for good or bad. Going in halfway like they're doing now is worse than giving the kids a chance or dropping loads of money on a guy lik Hamilton.

Now, I'm not all for dropping big money, long term deals just for the flashy name brand player available, but can you honestly say this team will be markedly better this year than last with what they've done? If the answer is no (which it realistically is), then why are they doing this? Simple question, and really only one answer, IMO: To pretend they're trying. That to me is insulting, since it's more than obvious what the deal is. And to me, if you're going to spend the money and not go with youth, then go all in. Go out and sign guys like Hamilton and Haren and roll the dice. Just because it didn't work out particularly well with Crawford and Lackey in the past doesn't mean you eschew all higher priced FA's in the future. You can't do it halfassed like they are right now.

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