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12-05-2012, 09:46 AM
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Originally Posted by WordUp View Post
I actually want the fully loaded Team Canada more than I want the NHL back at this point. I hope the NHL waits until January at earliest for a resolution. I am gonna be pissed if in the next couple days the lockout is over... because then it's like why didn't you guys just do this back in September. You've wasted all the time up until now and just when some of us finally get something to look forward to, it basically gets taken away.

If the lockout does end, I hope everybody (minus maybe RNH, who would for sure belong back in the NHL) gets left for the WJC instead of training camp/games and I hope they just let teams keep them for 9 games once back.
I'm with you here. My outlook is optimistic with regard to this.

I think just based on where the NHL is in their talks that its at least a week before an actual deal got hammered out. This is assuming they take massive leaps and bounds etc. during the meetings today, and it would take another few days to hammer things out, set up a schedule and announce it.

At that point I think you're looking at probably 3 weeks at the earliest til the season would start (games after new years), because training camps would be ongoing before that to get guys back in shape. So I think even at this point we're looking at a post new-year's start.

The only guy we would lose is likely RNH. I think most NHL teams would prefer to have their guys play at the WJ's and join teams for the last week of their camp rather than come home to skate with NHLers who are in pre-season form, vs. these Jr. guys who are in top shape.

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