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12-05-2012, 09:49 AM
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Originally Posted by MPF24 View Post
People hating on him is funny. You literally can't hate him as a player because he... Doesn't really play and as a personality he's a harmless, stupid, goofball who occasionally is pretty damn funny, much like most of our favorite movies these days (anything with Will Ferrell/Seth Rogan/etc.). Still just like people who hate Crosby out of jealousy people hate Biz because he's living the life they can only dream of. He really seems like such a normal young hockey bro. I honestly can't believe the hate he gets. Most players are just like him (trust me) they're just afraid to be that way publicly. He doesn't care since he's not much of a player in the NHL.
Originally Posted by rt View Post
^ exactly. I mean he's a bit immature, but I would be also. He's never had a job to beat the kid out of him. The daily grind squeezes that out of most of us. Comprises, humbling defeats or failures, embarrassment, and regrets are all the learning experiences commonly described as "growing up". I'd wager he's had a whole lot less of that so far than most of us working stiffs.
Well if you want to make your points, perhaps you'd wish to hear the other side. The guy is 27 years old, and that age many of us have had several years of education and make decisions that impact or save people's lives, or cost or make companies millions of dollars.

So, yeah, the guy is a childish idiot to some and "funny" to others. It just depends on where in the world you are viewing the whole thing from.

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