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12-05-2012, 09:52 AM
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I did say that no one really records good statistical data to assert things one way or the other. As far as using a small example. I think most agree that Fleury was solid last season up until the last few weeks before the playoffs and of course the debacle against Philly. I don't think it's coincidence that the two SCF runs where Fleury had his best save % were under MT, and under DB while MT's system was largely in place still.

I would think the fact that a new coach comes in puts in a new system and afterwards we see the downward trend (esp in the playoffs) of Fleury's save pct should tell us something.

I look at games like this.
You look at stats, fleury is awful in this game, 21 shots, 4 goals.

However look at the goals scored, and how they are scored.

goal 1, 3rd wack at the puck.
goal 2, back door total d breakdown
goal 3, once again fleury makes first save, in that scenario the goalie's responsibility is the first shot, after that it's on the D to box out. Our D gets totally out worked/muscled and the 3rd swing at the puck goes in.
goal 4, breakaway 1-0, malone takes a slapper that blows by. This one of all of them I fault fleury on he was off his angle just slightly.

I watch all the penguins games. I watch some of the games of other teams in our conference, and of course I watch as much as I can during the playoffs.

I base my observations on whether a goal was truely the goalies fault or not. I agree that Fleury is NOT, NOT at the level he should be at for getting 5M and being a #1 overall pick. I think the system has effected him mentally in the position more then it maybe should. That 4th goal he gave up against tampa in link above, that first 1 against Giroux in game 6 last year those are signs of a goalie that's thinking too much IMO.

You have games like that against tampa where you come out with a 80% game and you start thinking what should I be doing different. When in reality there is not much that he should be doing different. I would like it if he recovered a little quicker, but I get why he's still down in those situations as that close in the angles and such dictate that that's where the puck is gonna go, and when you go to pop up that's when they are going to fire it.

But he also is not as bad as some might think. You can not just look at stats. Yes he ended up against Tampa with a sub .90 save pct for the series. But when you have games like this one it will destroy your stats and that game was not Fleury's fault. I think that Fleury's weakness is that he is over thinking due to the nature of the system around him. Perhaps a different goalie it wouldn't effect in the same way.

ok i will just say this. We have vokoun on board now, his career save % is better then Fleury's.

Let's see where we are stats wise with both goalies at the end of next season.

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