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Originally Posted by powerstuck View Post
And you can't compare Devils situation. Devils were blamed to have built an arena in ''ghetto'' while they had many other parts of the city more ''public friendly''. Detroit main problem is economy, not gangsters and wannabe thugs.
To be fair Detroit is still the most dangerous city in the U.S. despite crime dropping 10%. There are a lot more problems than just violence and a shoddy economy. Apathetic citizens. Illiterate children and parents that don't care they are. A pastor saying they'd rather burn the city down than let white people take over. I try to defend Detroit the best I can but it's a perfect example of what ignorance, corruption and apathy will do to a city. If there is a turn around it won't be for another 30-40 years when the older generation start to die off.

The prospect of a new arena and bars surrounding it should help Detroit's economy though, a little. I'd be willing to stay downtown for an extended period of time after a game as opposed to hitting Cobo Joe's for a beer and heading to a bar near my house.

*edit* Never say Fishbone's in Pegasus. Trust me on that one. If you want to have some good food try Santorini. It used to be Mosiac's and they also lowered the prices. Flew in a chef from Greece to do the menu and cook. Good stuff.

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