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Originally Posted by coldsteelonice84 View Post
There are plenty just here. I guess it may be more me making the connection between signing Napoli and Victorino and then all of the people saying the Red Sox are a good team and are contenders now.

1. The division is tough

2. The lazy ******** attitude in the clubhouse is still ever present

3. And most importantly, the Red Sox pitching is ****ing horrible. I'm a Cubs fan, our pitching staff is mediocre but it isn't as bad as the Red Sox and I still expect us to lose at least 85 games. However, with the great offseason Theo and Co. are having, there may be more to come. Still, we will not contend for a damn thing. I just wonder what are the Red Sox going to do about that pitching staff? They haven't addressed it at all.
This seems strawman to me. I haven't seen anyone label them a contender now.

They're a mediocre team now. Better than they were when the season ended, but probably not a ton. That said, it's the first week of December and there's plenty of time. They might get worse, they might get better, they might stay the same.

As for the division, I think you're off base in your assessment. The Yankees are getting worse by the day, the Orioles couldn't possibly hope to repeat the 90% win rate in one-run games they had last year (or something ridiculous like that), and how mnay big-name trades like the one the Jays made have we seen blow up? And what exactly did Reyes, Buehrle and Johnson do in the minors (I mean NL) last season?

I think the AL East is overrated. I think all of the teams are okay, none are great. And yeah the Sox staff sucks, but obviously they need to do something about it. They have plenty of time to do so.

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