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12-05-2012, 10:00 AM
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Originally Posted by izzys View Post
hes not saying this at alll ... hes saying that what if u do look at the best teams in the league who is there top defenceman ?

in todays legue u have different roles and if u dont have offence from your back end you team cant hang ....

GUYS im just trying to be real about our spits .... and with posa i dont hate the kid at all , its good that he gives hes time to do things , but at the end of the day its not hes choice to did it, since hes the captin he has to do whatever managment says..........

i know alot of ppl on here think they know hockey but unless u have played/lived it you really dont know the whole story. there is alot that goes on behind the seens

the way this team is build is **** plain an simply and it all falls on WR an BB
Umm look at london how many points does there top Defensman have? oh yea 8 not 25 and look at that hes in the world juniours and for us sieloff 9 points well get off the team hes garbage with only 9 points right? Posa is getting a slap in the face from you fans that are hating there is atleast 85% of the team you should be hating on before him...NO ONE HERE IS SAYING HES GREAT but hes a good average defenseman that keeps it simple dosent make alot of mistakes and you can trust him in every situation.

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