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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
I'm sure they'd like/hope to, but there are lots of things that get in the way. If these players really are good enough to contribute to their NHL teams this year, can they afford to miss them for 5-6 games of a compressed schedule if the lockout ends? Backing up, though, teams want to see these guys in camp before having to decide if they're going to stick with the big club permanently for the season. Under the old rules, these decisions had to be made by a certain date (I might be wrong, but I think the WJC timing surpasses the limits under the old rules), but teams don't even know what the rules considering eligibility will end up looking like in the new CBA, so they might not even be able to "fully release" their junior-eligible players when all is said and done.

That's why no teams have issued statements "officially releasing" any of these players, even though we know there will be NHL draft picks suiting up for Team Canada at the end of the day, regardless - it just remains to be seen which ones.
Devo Smith-Pelly is a great example of why teams are hesitant.

Its a great experience, but you're playing against better competition at a FAR more intense level then in jr/ncaa and obviously nhl training camps. Guys push themselves harder are willing to sacrifice more etc. All it takes is one play to possibly derail their season.

If you're the Panthers or the Hurricanes you definitely don't want to see Huberdeau or Murphy injured while not in uniform. It makes it a tough decision.

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