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12-05-2012, 10:03 AM
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Originally Posted by CanadianHockey View Post
The RS requirements are part of the CBA negotiations. If the top-3 markets wanted to, they could easily say 'hey guys, let's redefine RS based on % of league income so the largest teams pay the most into RS'

Could be achieved by sorting the franchises from largest % contribution to smallest, and then divide the league into tirtiles (T1 = franchises that make up the top 33.3% of HRR, T2 = franchises that make up the middle 33.3% of HRR, T3 = franchisest hat make up the bottom 33.3% of HRR). The teams that constitute T1 pay RS, the teams that constitute T3 benefit from RS.
I think you'd have more success getting teams to all put 50% of their HRR all into a pot, and then the players get paid from that pot. So Phoenix would pay 35m (and have a midpoint cap roster (so ~62m) - spending above that would mean additional money that Phoenix would have to put in), while Toronto would be spending 50% of their HRR - so 90/100m for their roster of 62m.

It would also be a 100% sure way to ensure that all teams are not unwillingly spending more than 50% of their HRR on player costs. Which is only the case now if a team makes more than ~100m in HRR.

Would the league go for something like this? No, probably not. Although when one takes a quick look at the math (at least for now), I'm not sure Toronto is paying that much more than they will be paying when they increase the RS%.

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