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12-05-2012, 10:05 AM
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Originally Posted by bp13 View Post
This seems strawman to me. I haven't seen anyone label them a contender now.

They're a mediocre team now. Better than they were when the season ended, but probably not a ton. That said, it's the first week of December and there's plenty of time. They might get worse, they might get better, they might stay the same.

As for the division, I think you're off base in your assessment. The Yankees are getting worse by the day, the Orioles couldn't possibly hope to repeat the 90% win rate in one-run games they had last year (or something ridiculous like that), and how mnay big-name trades like the one the Jays made have we seen blow up? And what exactly did Reyes, Buehrle and Johnson do in the minors (I mean NL) last season?

I think the AL East is overrated. I think all of the teams are okay, none are great. And yeah the Sox staff sucks, but obviously they need to do something about it. They have plenty of time to do so.
What exactly is it about the Yankees that make people think they are going to go into the toilet? A-Rod? The guy was a slug anyway; it's probably a blessing. I see another 90-95 win season.

The Orioles, yeah, they overachieved big time, but now they will have Bundy. I agree the Sox could finish with a better record than them. The Blue Jays, you can look back at Clemens and other big moves that didn't amount to a playoff spot but what they have done this offseason is a lot bigger than what they had done in the past. The players they got are good. They also have a very good young core. I see the Red Sox finishing in third behind the Blue Jays and Yankees unless they acquire a couple of ace pitchers for mostly minor league players and Ellsbury, but I could see them finishing 4th or 5th too.

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