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12-05-2012, 10:08 AM
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Originally Posted by DKH View Post
apologies to anyone who took my comment about Burton being racist- I did not realize some of my (former apparently) good friends not only were the ones insinauting Steve was stupid but would consider my comment as singularly directed at them.

I went back and looked over (quickly I admit) who made the remarks that set me off and two of my favorite posters BP and Mike from Everett were on the forefront. I don't know BP but I don't consider him anything but a great hockey fan- apologies.

Mike on the other hand I know- I been out with him, been to games with him- and he's about as far from that as they come. He's much nicer than me (that aint saying much) and I feel bad about that because this is one guy who is fun to hang out with.

I did not mean to tag everyone just the over the top meaness directed at Burton I have ever seen on these boards. It was downright angry and personal. It seemed to cross the line like I have never seen here. I know this place dislikes Dupont, Haggs, Murph, probably me, oops, Dale (cant forget all those polls Dale came up lame). But Burton was the worst to me,

Its like pit bulls. I think 80% of the people who have those dogs are freaking doing it for image, wrong reason. HOWEVER, we had one for years- awesome dog and when I hear the comments about owners it never bothers me because I am in the 20%

so to Mike, BP, and all the others who are innocent in this and just basically think Burton sucks regardless, I apologize. I am willing to resign the board in disgrace with even a * before and after, and even a thumbs down modicom (or however you spell it)

Mike & BP good, DKH idiot (btw- now there is a good place for the use)

oh, and well I'm baring my soul- I should add Morris in there for a cheap shot at him for a Sobtoka comment.

ok, hopefully we have hockey and Mike will still go to a game with me (although I'm afraid he may go off on me if he does after a couple of Guinesses) although probably deserved
Thanks pal.

But, um.....could you post this in the correct thread?

If you do, you don't have to resign in shame.

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