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12-05-2012, 11:14 AM
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You're never to small to play casual pick up hockey, just to get started, by the way. And definitely hit the gym. You need to work quads, and do high weight/low reps for all of your upper body lifts. The gym will make it 10x easier and sometimes joining is motivation enough. If its not, buy a pre-workout supplement and take it 20 minutes before workouts. The act of taking it is like committing to leaving the house to go lift, and once you take it, you kind of have to anyway or you won't be able to sit still. Definitely need to be getting a good quad workout in at least every 5th day (quads are biggest muscles, thus shredding them releases the most testosterone and muscle building hormones into your blood) and going heavy weight, less than 8 reps on most lifts. If you don't hit the gym, still only do 6-8 reps and just do them slowly with perfect form. Also squat and do lunges while holding the barbells to get that quad workout in.

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