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12-05-2012, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Buck Aki Berg View Post
I don't spend any more time with them than any of my male friends. They aren't getting any kind of preferential treatment (to my other friends, or to my girlfriend).

It's not even a matter of spending time with them. I get a phone call or text message, or even a comment on something I post on Facebook, and I brace for idiotic snide comments about my "special friend". And the amount of time I spend talking to her on the phone or texting is also in line with that of any of my other friends.


I oppose being a tenant in her home because it flies in the face of being equals in a relationship. If it's her house, and not our house, that essentially gives her final say-so on everything from the colour of the walls to who I can hang out with ("You wanna keep your friend? Fine, get the hell out of my house." - she'd do it too....)
Based on this its obvious these are issues that need to be revolved if the relationship is going to continue much less progress.

Generally the magic mark for women is 2-3 years into a relationship before they what further commitment which is why i think her talk of houses and not spending time with her.

Her (based on what you said) inability to let her go of her "jealousy" isnt just going to disappear. That something she has to work on.

Your issue of not wanting her to have control makes it seems like you dont want to commit.

So my question is why are you still with her? (Beyond the typical "love" etc)

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