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12-05-2012, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by cheswick View Post
They always were, just not in regards to CBA negotiations. This was league guidelines, not sure the PA imposed similar restrictions. I think they didn't. The league at one point opened up a window where players could ask team personel questions in regards to the leagues proposal, but even then it was strictly that they could not negotiate, just answer questions. Any negotiations would be agains the law I think.

If in fact Crosby and Penguins ownership negotiated outside the realm of official PA sanctioned meetings it was likely against labor law. Not that the PA will likely file complaint.

Burkle would be subject to the Bettman's mandate since clearly this was about the CBA, no?

I also don't see how any player talking to anyone would run afoul of the PA simply by talking to owners. They haven't muzzled their constituents.


Friedman adds his bit this morning:

For a while now, there've been rumours this group -- and you can throw in Mario Lemieux, too -- have been extremely unhappy with the glacial pace of negotiations. Think it's safe to confirm those rumblings.

It's clear that they arrived in New York City with a plan to get things back on the rails. While details are still to come, Burkle and Crosby were two major parts of yesterday's discussion. They crafted an agenda and discussed how to implement it.

That was a success. Now we're going to see if those successes continue.

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