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12-05-2012, 10:35 AM
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Originally Posted by topched View Post
I'm with you here. My outlook is optimistic with regard to this.

I think just based on where the NHL is in their talks that its at least a week before an actual deal got hammered out. This is assuming they take massive leaps and bounds etc. during the meetings today, and it would take another few days to hammer things out, set up a schedule and announce it.

At that point I think you're looking at probably 3 weeks at the earliest til the season would start (games after new years), because training camps would be ongoing before that to get guys back in shape. So I think even at this point we're looking at a post new-year's start.

The only guy we would lose is likely RNH. I think most NHL teams would prefer to have their guys play at the WJ's and join teams for the last week of their camp rather than come home to skate with NHLers who are in pre-season form, vs. these Jr. guys who are in top shape.
This is a good point, it would still take a bit before the official season would even begin. I really hope that if it does end in the next week or so that they do allow the eligible players to go compete for their country, even RNH if he wants to.

I mean, I know if it does end he's likely not there but I would love to see him anchoring the top line. Since I wasn't into hockey during the last lockout, seeing a team like this live would be pretty cool, albeit for very very dumb reasons (the lockout itself).

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