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12-05-2012, 10:41 AM
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What he's saying about our defensive system is true for the most part.

The dman who's side the puck is dumped to is supposed to make a pass (usually a reverse) to his partner for a quick outlet. This usually means a small bump in the corner boards or turning your back to the play and possibly being boarded - Tanev is notorious for getting plastered on the dump.

Ballard has a tendency to try and skate the puck out when it's dumped to his side which makes sense as he's a very good puck skating defensmen. The problem is that it usually leads to a slower breakout or even worse a turnover to the forecheckers.

For a guy of Ballard's build he has to try and do what Duncan Keith does in the corners. Keith is nearly impossible to hit on the forecheck.

IMO "toughness" isn't the right word.

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