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12-05-2012, 10:47 AM
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Originally Posted by SirKillalot View Post
Best on best is World Championships and Olympics. No more, no less.

So what if some players aren't available or refuse. That's your nations problem. It's still best nations in the world vs. best nations in the world tournament.
In your own explanation you provide numerous reasons for why the WHC are not best-on-best. And how is it a nation's problem if their best players are successful in the NHL playoffs? Instead, it demonstrates that such nations produce world class players that achieve success in best league in the world.

And it's equal for all the top teams. And, it isn't always the best players who is missing because of the Stanley Cup, many is missing because the National Team doesn't go out and say that if players say no, they won't be asked later. In some of the nations there really are bad attitudes about representing their nation. No pride.
Like it or not, a majority of Canadian and American players do not view the WHC as prestigious because it is held during the NHL playoffs. It is viewed as a "loser" or runners-up tournament accessible only to those that are not competing for the Stanley Cup, the big prize. I understand European players have, in general, a more positive view of the WHC because they grew up with a different view towards the tournament. Unless the IIHF changes the schedule (and perhaps rotates the tournament to NA more often) the Canadian and Americans will always be sending an "expeditionary force" team to the Euro-focused WHC.

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