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12-05-2012, 10:51 AM
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Originally Posted by #66 View Post
Fully agree with everything viking is saying and I'll back MAF as being an elite goalie in the NHL. Every goalie has their ups and downs but when MAF has his down stretches, like the start of '11 and last years playoffs, its mostly because of sloppy defensive zone coverage.

These breakdowns on defense make him over extend and overcompensate for whats going on around him. Any butterfly goalie needs a strong box and support system in front of them so that they can go down into the butterfly, lock up to make that first save and control the rebound. MAF seems so worried about whats going on behind him that he's trying to play the shot and pass at the same time.

Can anyone really explain the Pens defense? Its a zone defense but we see two defenseman on one side of the ice, two defensemen behind the net and gets a lot of backdoor goals scored on them. I don't get it? I've never seen a zone defense where the goalie has to go side to side as much as MAF does.

Another thing is that MAF had his two best playoff runs while Hall Gill was a Pen and Scuds upped his game to become a great defensive defenseman. Further supporting that MAF needs that strong play around and in front of him.
i agree the pens defensive zone has been a mess lately (and that they miss gill/scuderi), but i just cant agree that MAF is elite.

an elite goalie doesnt deliver one of the all-time worst playoff series ever like fleury just did, nor do they continually post sub-.900 save percentages in the playoffs.

he's a nice guy and i want him to succeed, but i'm losing faith in him. the breakdowns are bad, but an elite goalie would do a better job than fleury has.

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